About Us

Quick Loans is a Loan Marketplace that connects loan providers to creditworthy borrowers.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to increase financial inclusion in Africa through innovative technologies

Our Vision: A financial system that includes significant numbers of citizens and fosters sustainable growth

Our Story

QuickLoans is a product of Flux Technology Africa in partnership with Teksight Edge

we have felt that enabling frictionless user journey is a major problem and nobody seems to be doing it right. We decided to tackle it ourselves.

We have the courage to approach a problem from a different perspective. Plan ahead, but act decisively

Our Core Values


You may be at a fastfood and need a loan fast, often times people spend alot of time trying to get a loan. We have made the whole process fast

User Experience

With our simple and straight forward user interface and user journey, people can now get access to loans with just few clicks


Our platform is built to fit the life style of its users. Airtime loan, Rent loan, Bills loan, etc.

Unique Credit Scoring Algorithm

The platform uses an A.I powered credit scoring algorithm to determine the creditworthiness of borrowers. First of its kind in Africa.

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How Does QuickLoans work?

Quick Loans is a Loan Marketplace that connects lenders to creditworthy borrowers and also providing borrowers access to lenders that provide short-term loans to individuals and small businesses in Nigeria to help unexpected expenses or urgent cash needs.

Reduced Risk

Our Lending partners can easily give with our credit score system.

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